The Millenial Learning

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Due to the global pandemic being at its peak and the lockdown in implementation ,a surge has been seen in online learning ways ,people are exploring more creative ways for making use of there time ,earlier only school education or distant learning programs were being made available online, in prevalent times the traditional ways of learning may have been halted but it has infact opened up a whole new horizon (area) for everyone who is willing to give it a try.

The onset of work from home culture is an added bonus to this, the companies are now reconsidering recruitment strategies, their core beliefs and what they stand for.

This is the best time to sharpen skills for everyone , some of the unconventional ways or probably less heard ways that you can learn sometime new are Podcasts, Digital Courses, Instruction courses, coding etc.

During these turbulent times awareness about using our time effectively is a wayout as it is said when the fishermen cant go fishing they repair their nets.Enroll yourself for any methods for learning something new something creative it would help in remaining calm, engaged and joyous.

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